What’s an Authorpreneur, you say?

  • It’s a person who wants to live the writer’s life and make a living from their writing.
  • It’s someone who thinks of their writing as both an art and a business.
  • It’s a writer willing to do it all (at least in the beginning): write their books, self-publish them, promote them and build a successful author platform.

The Authorpreneur doesn’t want to surrender control of their efforts and books to gatekeeper agents, and an old-style publishers. They don’t see a need for the middle-man agent, nor traditional publishers with their unfair contracts, who do little to market their book, yet take a huge cut of any money made and leaves the author with crumbs.

The Authorpreneur is willing to do the work, invest in themselves, and reap the rewards. They are excited about building a platform to engage their readers, and build their writing empire, one book, and one reader at a time.

Welcome to the Authorpreneur’s Journey.

I am just like You.

You love stories, love reading and have always enjoyed writing. You wanted to become a writer for as long as you can remember, and not just a hobbyist scribbler. You want to make a full-time living as a writer.

You just never felt sure enough about what to do or how to do it. You want guidance. A place to go that clarifies the whole process of writing a book. You want to be motivated and seek the camaraderie of people just like yourself.

With the continued growth and popularity of ebooks, and the relative ease of self-publishing, there has never been a better time or opportunity to create your own writer’s life.

You no longer HAVE to deal with the gatekeepers of traditional publishing. There are far better options to available to you when it comes to your books, your rights and your success as an Authorpreneur.

Nobody has a more vested interest in your success than you do. It’s no longer necessary to have an agent or publisher to quantify you as an author. You’ll let readers decide if you’re an author worth their investment of time and money.

A successful journey begins with that first step.

Along the way there’ll be challenges and triumphs, unforeseen setbacks and jaw dropping surprises.  On your journey you’ll grow with each new experience, becoming stronger, and more resilient with greater determination.

The best part is, you will not be on this journey alone. There will be many people eager to help you up, to breathe the rarefied air of writing success. You will meet many people along the way. Some will be immeasurably helpful, and become lifelong friends.

To build a successful writing business, you’ll do it one step at a time. Each step building on the other. Everyone starts with that first step. Persistence and determination is the difference between the ones who succeed, and the ones who end up spending the rest of their lives just dreaming about becoming a writer.

Like you, I’ve waited long enough to become the writer I always wanted to be, and live the writing life I dreamed of. It’s time to start my Authorpreneur’s Journey, and make my writing business a priority.

Following the lessons and advice of my mentor, this blog is here to serve anyone who wants to embark on their own Authorpreneur’s Journey. You can model what I’m doing and the strategies I try. You can benefit by learning what works and avoid the pitfalls.

Success leaves clues and I’m going to learn from the best to build my writer’s business – and share it here.

We’ll be covering the following topics in an in-depth, ongoing basis to deepen our knowledge, and taking action to help us grow as writer’s:

  • Step 1: Writing a book or novel
    • Deciding what type of book and genre
    • Parts of Story
    • Story craft
    • Revision
    • Editing
  • Step 2: Building your Authorpreneur Business
    • Building your Author Platform
    • Building an email list
  • Step 3: Preparing your book
    • Formatting – for mobi, ebub and others
    • Ebook cover design
    • Self-Publishing
  • Step 4: Building your Authorpreneur Business Part II
    • Marketing and Promotion
    • Building your brand
    • Creating raving fans

I hope you subscribe and stick around to learn, watch and model the development of an Authorpreneur from the very beginning.